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  • Kava Kava [Nervous] is used to help reduce normal anxiety without impairing mental function. It may help promote more restful sleep in those struggling with occasional restlessness. Plus, it may help relax muscles.

    Price: $34.20 | Members Price: $22.80

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  • KB-C, CHINESE (100)

  • Benefits:
    •Strengthens the urinary system.
    •Supports the structural system.
    •May help the body restore energy.

    Price: $31.75 | Members Price: $21.15

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  • KELP (100)

  • Kelp [Glandular], commonly referred to as seaweed, grows along coastlines around the world. Kelp contains naturally varying amounts of trace minerals, which may be used in proper glandular function and metabolism.

    Price: $17.20 | Members Price: $11.45

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  • Benefits:
    •Encourages proper water balance in body tissues.
    •Supports body mechanisms designed to prevent (not cure) stone formation.
    •Soothes kidneys and bladder.

    Price: $20.05 | Members Price: $13.35

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  • Kidney Activator, Chinese [Urinary] is a Chinese combination of 14 herbs designed to support the urinary and lymphatic systems. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said to promote kidney function and to help clear retained water from the body, which may positively affect joints.

    Price: $22.45 | Members Price: $14.95

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  • Kidney Drainage [Urinary] provides herbs to support the kidneys. Kidney Drainage contains Asparagus officinalis and plantain leaf, which may help support fluid removal in the kidneys. Juniper berries support the urinary system as it works to maintain proper fluid balance. Goldenrod increases the production of urine without reducing levels of important electrolytes.

    Price: $29.95 | Members Price: $19.95

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  • Krill Oil w/ K2 (60 Softgel Caps)

  • Benefits
    • Supports cardiovascular and brain health.
    • May support the strength of cell membranes.
    • Provides joint and skin support.
    • Is a natural source of astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant carotenoid.
    • Provides an extremely bioavailable source of omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.
    • May support already-normal-range cholesterol levels.

    Price: $61.45 | Members Price: $40.95

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  • Kudzu/St. John’s Wort Combination [Nervous]. Hypericin, an active constituent in St. John’s wort, supports the nervous system. There is evidence that links hypericin to the alleviation of stress.

    Price: $40.60 | Members Price: $27.05

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