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  • Equolibrium (60 Capsules)

  • Benefits:
    Contains equol, the only known molecule clinically shown to bind to DHT to protect the prostate
    Supports healthy prostate function and urinary flow without side effects
    Helps improve sleep duration
    Supports healthy prostate cell replication

    How It Works:
    Equolibrium brings balance to your urinary routine by supporting healthy prostate function and cell replication.

    Exclusive to Nature’s Sunshine, Equolibrium harnesses the power of equol. A powerful antioxidant, equol supports the prostate through a multi-faceted approach. First, equol binds directly to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to prevent it from binding to receptor sites in the prostate. Equol’s unique DHT binding ability makes it the only known molecule that protects the prostate without triggering the side effects that can be caused by enzyme-blocking products.

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    Recommended Usage:

    Take 1 capsule twice daily. Best results seen after 2–3 months of use.


    6 mg Equol per capsule.


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    Equolibrium (60 Capsules)
    Stock Number: 3542-8
    Retail Cost: 50.25
    Member Cost: 33.50

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