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  • Boomerang Air Sanitizer [Immune]. Indoor air pollutants are plentiful and many can be harmful to health. From hair spray to cleaning chemicals, from cigarette smoke to dander, these odors and particles present health challenges.

    In the battle to clean our air and promote better health for all, NSP proudly offers the Boomerang Air Sanitizer. This amazing unit kills airborne microbes and neutralizes pollen and particulates, making the air you breathe cleaner and less harmful. It also helps neutralize indoor odors of all types. And it costs very little to operate!

    The Boomerang’s effectiveness is due in part to a patent-pending Silver+ Photo Catalytic Oxidation or PCO cell. The cell contains nano-sized metals—silver, nickel and rhodium, copper and titanium—that react with photons from ultraviolet (UV) light to create millions of redundant oxidizers, including super oxide ions, hydroxyl ions, hydro peroxide ions and ozonide ions. All of these kill or neutralize airborne organisms.

    The unit sanitizes 2,000 square feet of open living space, and it requires no cleaning or filter replacement. There’s no maintenance for the first three years! The Boomerang is also lightweight and energy-efficient and features quiet operation. Made in the U.S., using only the highest quality parts.

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