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  • Stress Formula Vitamin Supplement

    Nutri-Calm® [Nervous] is a key product designed to support the nervous system, especially when under stress. During times of stress, the body rapidly loses B vitamins. Nutri-Calm provides generous amounts of these nutrients in a base of herbs known to support optimal nervous system health. Three tablets contain:
    Amount % Daily Value
    Vitamin C 1,200 mg 2,000
    Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine) 60 mg 4,000
    Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) 60 mg 3,540
    Niacinamide 120 mg 600
    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine) 60 mg 3,000
    Folic acid 375 mcg 90
    Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 100 mcg 1,710
    Biotin 300 mcg 90
    Pantothenic acid 240 mg 2,400

    Other ingredients include schizandra fruit, choline bitartrate, wheat germ, inositol, PABA, bee pollen, citrus bioflavonoids, hops flowers, passion flower and valerian root. Take 1 tablet with a meal three times daily.

    •Soothes frayed nerves by providing healthy doses of the B-complex vitamins.
    •Aids in relaxation and encourages restful sleep.
    •Boosts the immune system.
    •Helps provide energy.
    •Is a source of antioxidants (vitamin C and lemon bioflavonoids).
    •Provides other nutrients essential to good health.

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    Recommended Usage:

    Take one tablet with a meal three times daily.


    Serving Size 1 Tablet

    Amount Per Tablet %Daily Value

    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 400 mg 670%
    Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 20 mg 1330%

    Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 20 mg 1180%

    Niacin (niacinamide) 40 mg 200%

    Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 20 mg 1000%

    Folic Acid 125 mcg 30%

    Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 34 mcg 570%

    Biotin 100 mcg 30%

    Pantothenic acid (d-calcium pantothenate) 80 mg 800%

    Other Ingredients: Schizandra fruit (Schisandra chinensis), choline (bitartrate), Wheat germ flour, Inositol, Bee Pollen, Para Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA), Lemon bioflavonoid, Valerian root concentrate (Valeriana officinalis), Passion Flowers concentrate (Passiflora incarnata), and Hops flowers concentrate - contains lactose from milk (Humulus lupulus) di-calcium phosphate, cellulose (plant fiber), stearic acid (vegetable), silicon dioxide (powdered silica), and magnesium stearate (vegetable).


    For optimum freshness, refrigerate after opening.

    This bottle was sealed for your protection. Do not use if inner seal is missing or damaged.

    Additional Information:


    Nutri-Calm tablets contain C and B-Complex vitamins combined with additional vitamins and herbs designed to provide you with the most soothing anti-stress product available.

    Nature's Sunshine uses natural source materials in its products that are subject to color variation.

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