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Pineal Gland Support (sleep regulation)

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  • CHAMOMILE (100)

  • Chamomile [Nervous] may be best known as a popular late-night herbal tea. The herb contains flavonoids, coumarin and volatile oil. Contemporary herbalists recommend chamomile for its ability to soothe the nerves and promote more restful sleep.

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  • HERBAL SLEEP (100)

  • Herbal Sleep [Nervous]. Promotes proper nervous system function by supporting restful sleep and providing soothing and calming properties.

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  • Melatonin Extra®—3 mg [Glandular] is an exclusive NSP formula containing melatonin, a natural compound produced by the pineal gland (located in the center of the brain). Melatonin is vitally important to health when you consider three factors: aging, energy and sleep...

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