Breakthrough herbal supplement for anxiety!

October 21st, 2013

I am very excited about Nature’s Sunshine’s latest break-through product-AnxiousLess!



Do you or your customers feel anxiousness, worry, tension or occasional stress from daily living or situational events? With AnxiousLess, you can experience life-changing relief quickly, without drowsiness.

This formula features Zembrin® or Sceletium tortousom, a time-honored herb from South Africa that quickly helps to ease anxiousness and promote feelings of confidence. It may also improve mood. We have added L-theanine, vitamin B1, zinc and magnesium, which help replenish your body’s stress-coping reserves.

It is time to give yourself the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. Get it at reduced cost here!

Check out these testimonials!
“This is an awesome product! I really like it! It definitely helped me relax with my day-to-day stress. Great work, NSP! I am always excited about new nervous system products as this is a primary complaint of many of my clients!”
Rachel Rauch

“Within just one hour, the product provided a natural calming effect which lasted for the rest of the day.”
Angel R. Barreiro

“I gave the product to my husband, as he was very stressed, and it seemed to help him shut off his head and go to sleep.”
Kathy Hester

2 Great Ways to Promote Your Oral Health

October 2nd, 2013

Building a Personal Toolkit
2 great ways to promote your oral health:

Sunshine Brite Toothpaste
Features hydrated silica powder, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate to help remove stains and polish teeth without damaging tooth enamel. It also contains soothing aloe vera gel, golden seal, myrrh, Icelandic moss, astragalus, green tea and elderberry for natural oral health care.
Member price: $5.95

Oil Pulling
We discovered oil pulling about 2 years ago and have been amazed by the results in as little as a week. Simply mix 1 TBSP of a healthy vegetable oil (we use Grapeseed oil) with a few drops of essential oil (we recommend lemon, myrrh, clove or tea tree oil). Swish the mixture in your mouth for 5-10 minutes then spit it out. Do not swallow it. Rinse your mouth well with water. You may wish to think of this as a healthy cleanse for the mouth and jaw. We use it in our home when we feel discomfort of any kind in our mouth.

Respiratory Health with ALJ

February 11th, 2013

Allergy season is coming up and many are still feeling the effects of colds, including sinus stuffiness, mucus and headaches.

alj-31661One of Herbal Health Center’s best selling products is ALJ, available in both capsules and liquid form. It is great for the Respiratory System. Check it out!

ALJ combines powerful herbs that support the respiratory system in a variety of ways. It supports healthy lung function and helps the body during seasonal changes. It also encourages the gentle cleansing of the entire respiratory tract.

Learn more about this product.

Herbs to Help Osteoporosis

January 1st, 2012

Osteoporosis is called a disease of calcium loss or mal-absorption, NOT deficiency. A number of external factors may be causing the loss. These can include poor diet, heavy metals storing in the bones, and radiation from past x-ray and CT scans.

Herbal Health Center has had great success helping men and women suffering from osteoporosis, using a combination of the following herbal products. We recommend choosing 2 or 3 that best match your concerns. Take them daily for three months, and see how you feel. We think you will love the results!

Skeletal Strength

•A deluxe calcium magnesium supplement with equal calcium to magnesium.

•Extra important vitamins, minerals, digestants, and herbs for superior absorption and assimilation.

Ionic Minerals with Acai

•Approximately 70 trace minerals.

•Assists processing and utilization of calcium, magnesium and other minerals.

•Supports the circulatory system with the antioxidant benefits of açai berry.

•Helps regulate pH balance in the body.

Vitamin D3

•A hormone that acts like the thyroid and shares the same cell receptors.

•High impact of gut flora, which leads to increased immunity

•Lowers inflammation:

“56% of elderly women lack Vitamin D and should take 1000-2000 units/day.

–J. Menopause 2005:12:589

Note: Levels are too low in 50% of people. Minimum dose should be over 1000, and level over 75. The lab range (15-60 is wrong) AJCN 2006; 84:18. A deficiency produces rickets—misshapen bone.

MSM Tablets

•Nutritional sulfur

•Reduces pain and inflammation

•Allergy reduction

•Promotes healthy flexible cells

Note: Use for degenerative Arthritis, chronic back pain, chronic headache, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, TMJ. Remarkable results!

Chinese IF-C (TCM Concentrate)

•Excellent healing food for the bones and joints

•For pain, inflammation, swelling and detoxification


•Immunity against infections

• Digestion


•Lowers inflammation.

’5 g for 3 weeks reduced pain, and use of Tylenol declined 40%.’

–Scandinavian J. Rheumatism 2005:34:302

’5 g = success for osteoarthritis of the hip in 100 patients.’

–J. Current Therapy Research 2003:21:31

With a $40 or more purchase, you will automatically qualify for a free Nature’s Sunshine membership, which will entitle you to wholesale prices for your order and any other orders for one year (renewable each year with a $40 purchase). Visit Herbal Health Center to learn more.

* Excerpts from this blog have been taken from Nature’s Sunshine Brilliant Body Structural System PP.

Herbs for ADD or ADHD

December 1st, 2011

It is widely debated the potential causal factors to ADD and ADHD. Some studies have shown that when diet is poor and blood sugar imbalanced, the brain suffers, including the ability to reason, adjust socially, and control impulses. Other causal factors can include allergies, vaccine preservatives, heavy metals in the body, tobacco additives, and cell phone usage.

Besides removing some of these factors, we recommend the following product for children:

Focus Attention

Recommended usage:

2 capsules daily or ¾ tsp powder in water.


- supports normal brain stimulation levels

- supports brain circulation and neurotransmitters

- supports proper brain activity and energy levels.

Testimonies from our customers:

“I started adding Focus Attention powder to a protein shake for my teenage son in the morning and saw a definite improvement in his school work.”

“A client started her young child on Focus Attention and Super Omega 3 EPA, and a few months later his teacher proclaims “Thanks for medicating him.”

“All client with an autistic 6 year old started on a full program and both the family and the teacher saw a substantial improvement in one month.”

Alternatively, consider our Health Brain for Children Power Plan. Take the top 3 products, or combine them with the recommended vitamin, mineral or antioxidant for a robust herb program.

For adults struggling with ADD/ADHD, consider committing yourself to the following herb program:

Top 3 Products:

Focus Attention

Ginkgo Biloba Extract Tablets

Liquid B-12 Complete

Top Supporting Mineral:

Skeletal Strength

Top Supporting Homeopathic:


Complimentary Essential Oils:

Lavender essential oils baths weekly.

In addition to herbal supplements, take a look in your kitchen and eliminate sweets, artificial sweeteners, and refined foods, in favor of nutrient dense snacks and fresh fruits and vegetables. Also use purified water, tasty herbal teas, and homemade juices such as fresh pineapple, lime, cucumber, and watermelon.

Herbs that help digest protein

November 4th, 2011

Studies show that North American eat 2-3 times the protein that is needed. The goal is to reduce the protein load to the recommended daily allowance of 50-60 grams daily (the size of two eggs). For comparison, the protein intake of the Chinese is 30 grams daily, which is derived mostly from soy and grains, rather than the heavier and harder to digest meats.

While working to lower your intake, consider supplementing your meals with Nature Sunshine’s PDA Combination.

- PDA supplements the body’s digestive secretions with hydrochloric acid (HCI)

PDA Combination

PDA Combination

- Contains pepsin for natural protein digestion

- Helps in the reduction of bloating, gas, and indigestion

- Aids in calcium assimilation

- Addresses pH challenges

- Improves intestional flora

Purchase now at wholesale cost from Herbal Health Center.

* Excerpts taken from Nature’s Sunshine Brilliant Body Structural System PP.

Herbs to detox the kidneys

October 1st, 2011

“Kidneys are the body’s last route filtering system. If the kidneys don’t work correctly, toxins build up and poison our blood.


Toxicity of the kidneys can include the following symptoms: low back ache, kidney stones, infection, frequent urination, foul smelling or cloudy urine, acidic pH, bladder inflammation and knees, leg cramps, skeletal/joint weakness, impotence, and water retention/swelling.

Kidney Cleansing Power Plan

Kidney Cleansing Power Plan

Detoxing the kidneys can address these symptoms, as well as have the following benefits:

- Better Skeletal function; stronger bones.

- Healthier knees, legs, and ankles.

- Better hearing.

- A back and spine that feels good.

- Proper water balance in the body.

- Proper mineral balance and therefore better energy.

- Heavy metals in water and some food sources, undigested food that turns acidic, acid forming drinks, and medications can all add burden to the kidneys. Cleansing aids can assist the kidney in their release.

Here at Herbal Health Center, you can assist in the detoxification of the kidneys by taking our Kidney Cleansing Power Plan. It contains the top 3 products:

Cranberry Buchu

Chinese Kidney Activator


The three together nutritional support the kidneys, urinary tract, and lymph, while soothing inflammation. Combine this program with Chlorophyll – an antioxidant that cleanses the blood while helping reduce unpleasant body odors.

Get a free Nature’s Sunshine membership and qualify to buy the 3 products together at wholesale cost, for a $20 savings!

Prevent Tooth Decay the Natural Way

September 1st, 2011

Did you know that eating refined sugar reverses tooth circulation? Instead of wastes leaving the tooth, they start depositing within it. This is a problem when American consume an average of 355 calories, or more than 22 tsp of sugar, daily.

The answer: Substitute harmful sugar with a sweetener that is good for you. Try Nature’s Sunshine stevia and xylitol products – two healthy, all-natural sweeteners that do not cause tooth decay. What’s more, xylitol helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the teeth.

Enjoy xylitol in a sweet treat, or buy it in bulk to use in your desserts – just like sugar!

Stevia is popular for its intense sweetness. Use just a small amount to flavor a cup of tea or coffee, or sprinkle a bit on top of your favorite cereal.

Our sweet xylitol products:

Bulk bag of xylitol– looks and tastes like sugar!

Gum (green tea, peppermint, spearmint, berry and lemon flavors)

Chocolate (dark and raspberry flavors)

Our sweet stevia products:

Bulk bag of stevia

Stevia powder packets – throw a few in your purse to add to tea and coffee on the go!

Meanwhile, take care of your teeth with our xylitol toothpaste and mouthwash

Xylitol Toothpaste

Xylitol Toothpaste

Xylitol Mouthwash

Xylitol Mouthwash

Visit Herbal Health Center for more products for the home and health eating.


August 15th, 2011

Though we at Herbal Health Center have a Health Cholesterol Power Plan to help regulate cholesterol, the two star products that consistently do a great job of assisting cholesterol control are Super Omega 3 EPA and Red Yeast Rice.

Super Omega 3

• Supports the cardiovascular system.
• Protects cell membranes.
• Contains lemon oil for improved taste and aftertaste.

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of four basic fats that the body derives from foods. While many of the other fats are harmful, omega-3s benefit the body and are especially good for the heart. Super Omega-3 EPA is a source of two fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The body uses omega-3 fatty acids as one of the primary components of cell membranes. Omega-3s are also beneficial to the structural system and to the skin.

Take 1 softgel with a meal three times daily.

Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice supports the body’s ability to maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range, and it offers nutritional support to the circulatory system.

Take 2 capsules with a meal two to three times daily.

Note: you can also supplement these two products with other like-products, such as our Solstic packs. Together, these will give you a holistic herb program for whole body health and optimal cholesterol control.

“Why can’t I lose weight?”

August 1st, 2011

“Why can’t I lose weight,” is a common question that we receive from our customers. Obesity or an inability to lose weight is usually a sign of an imbalance in the hormonal system. For many people, this means that no matter how hard they try to lose weight through exercise or healthy eating, they will still find it very difficult to shed the pounds. The thyroid, adrenal glands, ovaries, and even the liver can determine body shape and size.

Consider the following to determine where you might have an imbalance:

* Too much fat below the belly button and on the thighs = look at the thyroid

* Big belly, big arms, and big legs = look at the adrenal glands

* Big abdomen and lower body = look at the ovaries.

* Big all over equally= look at the pituitary

If you fit on of these categories, consider committing yourself to the Power Plan that addresses the imbalanced area.

Thyroid Power Plan

Adrenal Power Plan

Ovarian Health Power Plan

Pituitary Support Power Plan

If none of these categories fit your concern, try the ‘Lose Weight’ Power Plan for men or women.

Other helpful tips to supporting weight loss:

- Stop using all toxic cleaning products if possible and use the new Natures Fresh green cleaning products.  Toxic cleaning products stimulate estrogen receptors in the body and cause early puberty and obesity.

- Stop using plastic containers to store food. Don’t microwave in them and don’t use plastic water bottles.  Plastics have a similar effect on the body as do toxic cleaning products.

- Finally, work on good elimination (at least 2 good bowel movements daily). You must drink plenty of water for this to occur.  Eat off of a 9-inch plate so that there is no overeating, and exercise 30 minutes daily to where you have a light sweat.