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About Us
The Herbal Health Center is the resource for the best herbs and supplements on the market today. Not only do we offer products that have been lab tested for purity and potency, we also sell them at wholesale prices with a first-time purchase of $40.

Besides selling individual products, we are unique from other health stores in that we also recommend Power Plans. Power Plans are herb programs that list the Top 3 products that may nutritionally aid or support your specific health concerns. Natural health consultants with over 30 years experience in the field have created these Power Plans with RESULTS in mind. Your health is our passion, and our goal is to optimize it.

We want to help you with the guesswork that often occurs after entering a vitamin or herbal store. It is overwhelming to decide between shelves of products with different brand names and product choices. Our website acts like a personal health consultant, without the consulting fees. We have identified the best products and categorized them according to common health concerns, making your search for a good herb program easy and effective. We are excited for you to utilize our search tools and become one of our many happy customers who can attest they are now leading lives of greater well-being.

We feature Nature’s Sunshine Products, the nation’s number one manufacturer of the highest quality herbal and nutritional products. Nature’s Sunshine searches the world for only the best natural and raw materials and thoroughly evaluates each for purity and potency through a rigorous testing process. In fact, their quality control is second to none and is considered a model for the industry. Quality materials are turned into over 600 of the finest herbs and nutritional supplements. Nature’s Sunshine’s extensive product line includes:
-Single Herbs
-Herbal Combinations
-Weight Control Supplements
-Healthy Beverages
-Essential Oils
-Sunshine Heroes Children’s Herbs

Power Plans
Herbal Health Center acts as your personalized herbal health guide through nutritional product recommendations and detailed herbal programs. Through the Power Plans search or Topics A-Z, you can specify what health concern you would like to address and receive a comprehensive herbal program that supports it. This herbal program, called a Power Plan, is a list of products matched to nutritionally support your concern thorough study, research, and applied kinesiology.You may add any or all of the Power Plan’s recommended products to your Cart and continue your search until you are satisfied.

Upon checkout, your order will be received and filled directly by the products’ manufacturer, Nature’s Sunshine, who will ensure delivery within 3-5 business days. Become a Nature’s Sunshine Products member and buy all products at wholesale price, receiving savings of up to 45%. Waive this option and purchase products at retail cost. For details on membership, see the Membership tab.

**Applied Kinesiology:
Developed in the 1960s by Chiropractor George Goodheart. Applied Kinesiology is a technique that teaches that imbalances in the body show up as weakness in certain muscles. By using gentle pressure on a muscle, you can test its strength to determine various imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities in the body. This is an incredible and wonderful type of body biofeedback. The same method may be used to match nutritional supplements to the body to optimize overall balance of the body’s recuperative and regenerative power.

These programs and information within this site are for your educational use only and designed for health promotion and maintenance. Statements about the products efficacy have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration . The information and product's are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any reference to these, real or implied, is to only direct you to the body system for the purpose of raising its health potential. We believe the body alone truly heals. The Power Plans simply provide tools which are specialized foods as helps. They are not meant to substitute for your doctors advice. If you have any concerns, please consult your health practitioner, especially in regard to any modifications you may desire regarding medications, which is a common concern as health improves.

Product descriptions and pictures of Natures Sunshine Products are courtesy of Natures Sunshine Incorporated. All other graphics are the property of Herbal Health Center.